N-Talks Good Start for Reaching Final Agreement

Friday, February 21, 2014

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has termed as “fruitful and extensive” the nuclear talks between Tehran and six world powers in Vienna, saying negotiations were “a good start” for reaching a final agreement.

“We had three fruitful and extensive working days and both sides have the feeling that it was a good start for the difficult task we have ahead,” Zarif said.

“In addition to our discussions we had at the political level, we also started technical discussions,” Zarif said, adding that the two sides also agreed upon a time framework to follow up issues in the next four months.

The top Iranian diplomat said that during the talks in Vienna, both sides came up with a framework for comprehensive talks to reach a final agreement.

To that end, Zarif said, technical experts from both sides would meet in March, adding that he would hold a meeting with Ashton on March 17.

The Iranian Foreign Minister also said the country has not opted for negotiations as a result of sanctions, stressing that those who have forcefully imposed sanctions on the country have gained nothing.

“Sanctions imposed on us...have borne no fruit for their sponsors and the world, and whoever thinks that the sanctions have brought us to the negotiation table has made a clear miscalculation,” Zarif stated.

The Iranian foreign minister said today, the language of force has no place in foreign policy agendas, adding that any state using the “all-options-on-the-table” rhetoric is actually taking outdated measures.

Iran Foreign Minister also said the country’s defense and scientific capabilities are non-negotiable and no Iranian nuclear site will be dismantled.

“Our framework is based on the Geneva accord and the six world powers agreed on the point that only issues related to Iran’s nuclear program can be negotiated in these talks,” Zarif said.

“Our defense issues are out of the question in these talks; so are our defense capabilities,” he said, adding that Iran and the world powers – the United States, France, Britain, Russia, China and Germany – have not discussed any dismantling of Iran’s nuclear facilities.

“We announced officially that our nuclear energy program will continue and we will not shut down any site,” said the Iranian minister, reiterating the “fully peaceful” nature of Iran’s nuclear energy program.

The Iranian Foreign Minister said Tehran’s nuclear energy program has been the only subject of the negotiations between Iran and the six world powers in the Austrian capital Vienna.

He said that no other subject except for Iran’s nuclear energy program will be discussed in the negotiations, stressing that there has been a common understanding among all sides in the talks over the issue.

Zarif said that during the talks, both sides came up with a framework for comprehensive talks to reach a final agreement.

“I assure you that no one has had or will ever have the chance to talk with the Iranian nation’s delegation with any language but the language of respect during the talks, and nobody will be able to impose anything on us,” Zarif stated.

*Photo Credit: Press TV