Muslims Must Fight Terrorism, Extremism by Themselves

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says Muslims should unite and show to the West that they can fight terrorism and extremism on their own.

“In the Islamic world, we need to show how we can fight, by ourselves, the extremism and terrorism that has affected the Muslim world,” Zarif said.

"Instead of accentuating our differences, we must show how our common challenges are in the name of Islam and for development of the Islamic states and Muslim community," he added.

The minister cited injustice as a factor which should unite Muslims "because Islam is not unique to one geography or region."

"We belong to a religion which believes every human being is like all humanity and killing one human is like killing all humanity," he said.     

"We belong to a religion which considers the world as a united whole. It is not hard for Muslims to show to the world that their religion is a universal religion," Zarif added.

“We follow a religion that can simply realize that if we don't stand together, we will lose together. We need to be united so we can make a better future for our children,” he said.

Zarif said Muslims have to think globally and try to find new followers in the face of prevailing injustice.

"The most important injustice is the injustice being done to Palestine. Against attacks and violence, we have to minimize our differences," he said.

In the wake of a recent move by the Manama regime to strip Bahrain’s top Shia cleric of citizenship, Iran’s foreign minister said infringement on the rights of Bahraini people by a certain group is unacceptable.

“We want logical relations with other countries. We cannot accept the fact that the rights of Bahraini people are infringed on by a certain group and that they are deprived of their rights,” Zarif said, adding, “Iran, nevertheless, considers having good neighborly relations as its unwavering policy.”

Stressing the need for all countries to abide by such principles as showing respect for other countries’ borders and not interfering in other countries internal affairs, Zarif said that a few years ago, Iran offered a proposal to promote dialogue among countries.

*Photo Credit: Press TV

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