Makhmalbaf in Berlin, The White Meadows in Dubai

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Active ImageThe 21-year old Iranian filmmaker Hana Makhmalbaf will be among the jury members for the 2010 Berlinale’s Generation Program.

The festival announced five jurors for the program which screens films targeted to younger audiences. Philippe Falardeau, Kylie Du Fresne, Margret Albers and Rowan O’Neill are the other members of the jury.

Hana won a Crystal Bear for the movie “Buddha Collapsed out of Shame” at the 58th Berlin Film Festival in 2008.

Iranian cinema has won two awards at the 6th International Film Festival for Mohammad Rasulof’s “The White Meadows”.

The film was honored with a Special Jury Prize in the AsiaAfrica Feature category and Rasulof accepted the award from the Iranian filmmaker Bahmad Farmanara, who led the festival’s jury.

In addition, the film’s leading actor Hassan Purshirazi won the Best Actor award.

The film tells the story of man called Rahmat, who has been assigned to travel to several islands for a job in which he has been engaged for many years. He has been asked to meet the inhabitants of these islands to collect their tears. Although for years people have been giving their tears to Rahmat, no one knows exactly what he has been doing with them.

The prize for the best feature in the Muhr AsiaAfrica competition went to Philippine filmmaker Brillante Mendoza for his “Lola”.

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