Lessons of the 3rd Resolution: Opportunities Offered by a Threat

Monday, March 24, 2008

Abbasali Fatemi

We are on the eve of Norouz festivities, which mark the ancient festive occasion of Iranians and which coincide with the beginning of spring.

Everybody is getting prepared for this occasion. The nation has learnt to wear new clothes as a sign of renewal of the world and to clean their houses and children and prepare all that is needed for this occasion proportionate to their financial capacity. However, an unwise and unfair decision made out of grudge in the form of the third anti-Iranian resolution by the United Nations Security Council has overshadowed our joy.

Although Western countries seek to make the Iranian nation disappointed, the first question to occur to the minds of our youth, elite, intellectuals, and common people alike is why Western countries pay no attention to these principles? The nation wonders what it has done to deserve such punishment. Have we invaded another country (like Iraq and Afghanistan)? Have we hatched plots anywhere (like in Lebanon, Syria, Sudan…)? Have we supported occupying states and have been witnessing daily massacre of children and women in cold blood (Palestine)? Have we Iranians wished anything for other nations but welfare, happiness, and joy? Does anybody remember a time when we had not wanted other nations to live in peace and happiness? Have we done anything to wrong a nation? At the same time, Western countries have not been willing to see our nation happy for about three decades. Therefore, after any intrigue, they are sure to hatch a new plot to jeopardize security and health of our nation. Really, can scientific progress of a nation be so intolerable to the West as to prompt them to resort to any means to deprive the Iranian nation of its right to scientific innovations and progress by imposing inhuman and immoral conditions on the nation? Don’t they think that scientific advances of Iranians would serve all humanity or is it that the West is not willing for human happiness to be realized, or think that happiness of other nations is incompatible with the happiness of Western nations? If that is so, measures taken by Western countries are expedient. Otherwise, all human achievements serve the whole humanity and history has proven that although sometimes we might have been deceived by false promises about getting rid of poverty and backwardness, our national conscious has never waned and we are sure to insist on our inalienable rights. Despite internal differences, when national interests are at stake, all Iranians including those with rightist or leftist inclinations, Kurds, Turks, and Baluches, the poor and the rich, as well as religious or secular people will be united. Efforts made by Western countries out of their spite for the Iranian nation will lead to more solidarity and unity in the country and we must be thankful to them for this unwanted amenity! Under present circumstances we need solidarity, cooperation and empathy more than any time before and you (Western countries) have shown us the direction in which our enemies move through your spiteful approach. Therefore, we are sure that all animosity directed at our country, identity, and history, comes from harbingers of a civilization which aims to humiliate and insult other nations under the guise of deceitful slogans. Perhaps it would have not been easy for us to tell this to our nation, but they have known the truth and are aware that there is no attempt to befriend other nations in the West. However, the conscientious Western nations are sure to come to grips with the realities sooner or later.

The third benefit of the current situation is bolstering people’s patience and their tolerance in the face of shortcomings and other problems. Our people clearly know that some of the problems they are facing now emanate from sanctions which have been imposed on their country due to unwise, unfair and unjust approach taken towards their countries by Western authorities. Our nation needs to be patient because if it loses its patience, it would withdraw from its principles. However, under current circumstances, our people have come to realize that West does not want Iran to be free from problems and hardships. We have learnt to weather hard conditions and be patient in order to realize our national interests. The fourth benefit of West’s approach to Iran is putting an end to people’s passivity. Sometimes, we forget about our main interests and opt for reclusiveness, but now we need to be in the heart of the events. The West has proven that it is not smart enough and without having good knowledge of psychological situation of the Iranian society, they have decided to make the Iranian nation disillusioned with the government so as to affect their decision on the threshold of important parliamentary elections. However, their efforts have only worked to make our society more consolidated. It has been proven that whenever our society has been shocked by a foreign force it has been galvanized into action. It was, therefore, predictable that the parliamentary election would be more vivid and lively than its predecessors and it was certain that the Iranian nation would defend its historical identity and its national pride by showing a high turnout in the polls.

The fifth benefit of the current circumstances is to prepare the Iranian society to become psychologically readier to face any possible conflict and to form a united front in the face of enemies.
Undoubtedly, a dormant and unaware society would be more vulnerable, just like a person who is unaware of the threat posed to him/her by a human or animal foe and their reactions would be blunter. This is not true about someone who has heard the enemy’s footsteps and uses all their body organs to know the opponent’s movements and to react accordingly.

The new resolution will alert the Iranian nation and prove to them that the enemy has progressed up to its borders. The unfailing result is that we would be more ready to defend ourselves using all our software and hardware abilities. For this reason, we must be thankful to them because soft efforts made by enemies are more complicated and more difficult to be introduced to common people.

However, our people are now offered with a good opportunity to know their enemy and focus on their true objectives.

The sixth benefit of the resolution is that it encourages us to be self-reliant and do not wait for other countries to help us. The world of humanism and capitalism is a Machiavellian world in which everybody is ready to buy and sell even if it costs collapse of a nation or depriving a human society of peace and happiness. The resolution will make us become self-dependent as a nation and do not wait for assistance from other countries.

The seventh benefit of the United Nations Security Council resolution is to prove to us that we have hit the enemy in the heart and such reactions only indicate their passivity as well as their anger with us. If it were not for such hostile as well as childish and silly reactions, we could not have understood how successful we had been and their wrath shows to us that we have targeted their most vulnerable point. Such reactions will make us more self-confident and will make us believe in our abilities more than any time before and we can now tell each other that “you can if you will”.

The weight function of the resolution is to verify correctness of policies made in our country. While all propaganda launched by Western media and cultural industry aims to rob other nations of their sense of self-reliance and to humiliate them, their angry and hasty reaction to us shows that we have chosen the right path which is the best way to make a nation attain sustainable development and bolster its infrastructures. It is for this reason that while paying attention to other fields, we have focused on science as the most important component of our soft power, even if our goal is not to translate that soft power into hard power. Conditions of the modern world tell us to be equipped with necessary scientific infrastructures of soft power. Otherwise, we would be an undeveloped nation and the gap between us and the powerful world will become wider. We would be a passive recipient, which will have to withdraw more and more in the face of its enemies and give up its true identity as well as national dignity and interests.

The ninth benefit of the resolution is that it tells us and all developing nations of the world that if a nation intends to remain alive and active in a world full of tricks, plots and deceit, it should fend for itself and become strong. Otherwise, it would be crushed under the wheels of hegemony and domination of bullying powers. The West seeks to strip us of our identity and existence as a cultural system and a system of discourse. As long as we insist on our identity, they consider us as “other”; the “other” which should be opposed and confronted until it accepts the identity considered for it by the West. Nations who dream of being independent are considered rogues that should be guided toward reform and renovation. There are three strategies to this end, which are used when and where appropriate. Those strategies include deceit, money, and force. Therefore, now the third strategy of using force in order to dupe or frighten a nation is being used against Iran, but is that strategy working according to their will? The answer is certainly no. The least positive effect of that strategy for our nation is that it teaches us to be strong if we are to survive. This means that we must be powerful in scientific fields and rely on our own capabilities. Perhaps, this is the most important function of the resolution which makes us steadfast and reminds us that only those nations and civilizations and cultures survive that are determined and self-reliant.

The tenth function of the resolution is to remind us that we have a bumpy road ahead of us and we must cross different obstacles and face various enemies. We are to fight in a vast arena where our foes will resort to everything. We need this awareness and we must know that behind the guise of human rights there lies an ugly dragon which cannot see nations happy and spares no effort to deprive a nation of its rights. There are people who believe that the West has nothing against nations and is ready to invest in development and welfare of all people. However, realities have proven to our people that these are all lies and behind that beautiful façade, there is nothing but animosity and grudge against undeveloped nations. They will only like our nation when we serve them and follow suit with their policies. They have no affection for a nation which is thriving and relying on its own capabilities.

This information is necessary for our nation and we thank God for it. We have been told that whenever enemies praised us, we must doubt our performance and know that we have changed in a way that suits their purpose. On the whole and in view of the above facts, the new resolution is source of many amenities for our nation. If managers of our society do their job suitably and make the most of young talents, just in the same way that they did about the nuclear technology, hope, dynamism, and self-reliance is sure to bud in our country and turn into a stout and powerful tree in no time.

The only thing that officials should do is to discover in what part of characters and tendencies of our valiant youth, are their relative advantages invested.

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