Leader calls Iranians winner of elections

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said on Saturday that the Iranian people and the Islamic Republic system are winners of the May 19 presidential elections.

Your massive and enthusiastic participation who stood in long lines to reach the ballot boxes indicate clearly strength of the Islamic democracy,” he said.

He said that people from all walks of life with different political affiliations participated in the elections and voted for the Islamic Republic system.

The Leader urged the people to protect the “unity” which is an important factor in “national power”.

Ayatollah Khamenei called on the people to play their part in helping the country move towards achieving its objectives.

He also advised the future president and his cabinet to make efforts to resolve problems with high motivation.

Helping poor people and developing underprivileged regions and fighting corruption should be prioritized, he added.

The Leader also said that “national dignity” should be respected in international relations.

Elsewhere, he said, “I deem it necessary to thank every individual who participated in the elections and also those who played a role in persuading them to participate, particularly religious scholars, and intellectuals from political, cultural and artistic fields.”

He also thanked the “presidential candidates who played an influential role in enlightening and creating enthusiasm in the election”.

I feel it necessary to thank all those who were involved in the implementation and monitoring of the presidential election, as well as city council elections, as they made tremendous efforts,” he stated.

The Leader added it is “necessary to express my gratitude to those who protected and secured the elections, as well as the national media” which worked round-the-clock and helped make “this great election turnout” to happen.

Incumbent President Hassan Rouhani, who sought re-election in the Friday election, won a landslide victory, wining 23,549,616 votes out of a total of 41,22,131.

*Source: Tehran-Times

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