Latest ISI Report on Scientific Productions in Iran

Saturday, June 21, 2008

According to the latest report issued by Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), Iran has ranked the 40th in the world in terms of scientific standing in different fields during the past 10 years and has stood 43rd in terms of indexed references to scientific works of Iranian scholars.

Dr. Yaghoub Fathollahi, deputy head of Tarbiat Modarres University for research affairs, noted that according to the latest figures released by ISI from January 1998 up to February 29, 2008, 20 Iranian researchers who had been already chosen as prominent researchers have maintained their positions and the number of times that they have been cited in scientific references has increased.

He added that Dr. Keshavarz, faculty member of Malek Ashtar University of Technology has been cited 344 times, surpassing the record for citations in engineering fields, which stood at 239 for 10 years, to be chosen as an exemplary researcher.

Also, eight Iranian researchers who had been already indexed by ISI have maintained their positions.

Fathollahi stated that Iran has ranked 40th in terms of number of scientific papers and has ranked the 43rd in terms of indexed citations. The country has also ranked 135th in terms of references to Iranian scientific papers.

He added that in 22 scientific fields which have been indexed at ISI, Iran’s scientific ranking in terms of number of papers in agriculture, clinical medicine, neurology, and mathematics has improved by one point; in engineering, social sciences, economics and trade has improved by two points; and in physics, chemistry, environment, ecology and aerospace has increased by three points. In terms of citations, Iran’s ranking has improved by one point in clinical medicine, chemistry, molecular biology, genetics, immunology, psychiatry and computer; by two points in engineering, botany, aerospace, and social sciences; by three points in neurology and behavioral sciences; by five points in microbiology; and by eight points in economics and trade.

In view of citation of Iranian papers, the country’s ranking has improved by one point in biology, biochemistry, economics, and trade; by three points in computer, and by five points in engineering.

Fathollahi also told ISNA that the number of highly cited papers by Iranian researchers has increased by 11 titles to 104 titles of which 81 titles pertained to research fronts.

Also, six hot papers by Iranian researchers have been indexed whose research work has been done inside the country.

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