Justice Crucified Again

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ali Akbar Abdulrashidi

Just a few days or maybe a few hours after celebrations which marked birthday of Jesus Christ, Gaza was washed in blood and the Zionists tried once more to crucify justice. This is proven behavior of Zionists which has been frequently registered in history.

Crucifixion of justice occurred in a place not so far from where Christ was crucified: in divine land of prophets and close to the first kiblah of Muslims.

Through the new onslaught, the Zionists are trying to make face after their fiasco in South Lebanon. However, this has not happened and they are experiencing double humiliation in Gaza.

They thought that the Christian world was busy celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ and the New Year and considered it the best opportunity to deal a deadly blow to Palestinians.

Somebody asked was Gaza in peace before or had it experienced less destruction and given fewer martyrs prior to the recent attack? The answer is No. However, this is an all-out attack with high casualties. Today, Gaza is another Sabra and Shatila.

This genocide is a sign of weakness and it is totally evident that the Zionist regime is unable to withstand the freedom-seeking movement of the Palestinian people. Gaza, on the other side, is enough proof to treachery and callousness of some Arab leaders who could have prevented this crime by not showing a green light to the Zionist regime. The unforgettable is the treacherous acts of some self-called Palestinian leaders.

The world public opinion is wondering what honor the killing of innocent women and children can bring to the Zionists or those who support Tel Aviv.

The reaction shown to the ongoing Zionist crime by world people has been surprising. As if, they have made a new mistake. Christ's birthday celebrations are a good opportunity for Christians to put more emphasis on the need to defend right and justice, not to forget it.

Interestingly, apart from the American media, which have surprisingly introduced the Islamic resistance movement and Hamas as the main responsible for the Zionists' crimes, the world is awash with hatred for those crimes and their perpetrators.

Even some European states which were relatively indifferent to Israel's past crimes have been isolated and marginalized in the public opinions of their own people.

What Zionists are doing in Gaza is undoubtedly a turning point in history of Palestine's developments which will not only do nothing to solve extant problems, but also make them more complicated.

"Stick" is no longer a solution to Palestinian problem and history has taught this to all occupiers and racists. Racism and apartheid was reigning in Zimbabwe up to 40 years ago and in South Africa up to 20 years ago and racist elements perpetrated many crimes against black people. Their logic was the same as the Zionists: occupying people's lands and ruling them by force. Today, however, racism and apartheid are dead.

Undoubtedly, Zionism, which has been introduced as a symbol of racism and apartheid in documents of Non-Aligned Movement, is doomed to the same destiny. However, just in the same way that supporters of racism and apartheid were dishonored, supporters of the Zionists will also pay a high price for their support.

Let's hope tears in the eyes of world people will not bar them from observing the realities of Palestine.


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