Jondi Shapour, the World’s Oldest University

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The world’s oldest university (Jondi Shapour in Dezful) was built by Shapour I of Sassanid dynasty in a namesake city which stood near the existing city of Dezful. It included a medical school and was a center for training scientists for centuries to come. Iranian, Greek, Indian and Roman scientists conducted studies and scientific research there.

Besides the university was a big hospital complex. After collapse of Sassanid dynasty at the hands of Arabs, Heira and Araq (today Iraq) provinces fell in the hands of Muslims followed by Khuzestan and the entire Persia.

Afterwards the university continued to work for a short while after fall of Sassanids under supervision of Iranians. The city of Jondi Shapour fell into ruins in few centuries and the offspring of its scientists migrated to Dezful and Shushtar. At present, the only remains of the university can be seen near Shah Abad village of Dezful, where Jondi Shapour once stood, and the relics are threatened with total destruction due to agricultural activities. Books produced by the university were used as scientific references, especially in medicine, for a long time after its destruction.

Will Durant has lauded the Iranian civilization for having built such a university.

Einstein has praised his disciple, Professor Hesabi, for having belonged to a country where a university had been built 1,700 years ago.

Einstein has noted that when ancestors of Europeans were eating each other in the forests of Europe, Iranians built universities.

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