JCPOA Key to Development of Nuclear Industry

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hassan Beheshtipour
An expert of international affairs

President Hassan Rouhani recently unveiled some of Iran’s major nuclear achievements which have, in fact, materialized the motto “nuclear energy is our inalienable right”. This right was recognized by the major world powers as they signed a nuclear deal with Tehran in July 2015, whose implementation began in January 2016.

Prior to the accord, the P5+1— the US, Britain, France, Russia and China plus Germany — not only refused to recognize our nuclear right but also  created serious obstacle to hamper Iran’s efforts to use peaceful nuclear energy.

However, the nuclear agreement or the JCPOA paved the ground for using this right without imposing sanctions.

Besides, the deal resulted in the development of the country’s nuclear energy industry.

It has led to producing strategic products needed by the industry and manufacturing advanced IR8 centrifuges.

Not only the government but also the IAEA has confirmed that these centrifuges have been launched.  

IR8 centrifuges are able to enrich uranium 20 times faster than IR1 centrifuges. They also use less fuel and last longer due to the alloy applied in their construction.

The Islamic Republic is also re-designing the Arak heavy water reactor which will help produce heavy water and medicines needed by patients.  

Other aspects of the nuclear achievements pertain to producing standard fuel. Although Iran produced nuclear fuel before the implementation of the JCPOA, it has managed to produce standard fuel close to global standards since the accord went into effect.

This is indicative of the sustained efforts of the Iranian scientists to develop the country’s nuclear program.

Other projects have also been placed on the agenda to further develop the nuclear industry.

Talks have been held with research institutes of France and Hungary to implement these projects, which are among the achievements of the post-JCPOA era.

However, opponents of the JCPOA ignore these achievements due to their political and factional interests. This is while the accord is a national contract which benefits all people and political groups irrespective of their inclinations.

In addition to some domestic opposition to the deal, Donald Trump too has explored ways to block the deal. The Republican billionaire, however, has realized that he cannot scrap the agreement because the major world powers have signed it and it has been sanctioned by the United Nations.

On the whole, the nuclear deal has not slowed or stopped Iran’s peaceful nuclear program. It has instead changed the anti-Iran atmosphere in favor of the Islamic Republic.


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*Source: Iran Daily

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