Islamic Unity Conference: Islamic Iran, Pioneer in Consolidating Unity among Muslims

Saturday, May 10, 2008

After 20 editions of the Islamic Unity Conference, the role of the Islamic Republic of Iran as a vanguard company in this field to promote unity and solidarity among Muslim countries has become clear to the whole world.

Undoubtedly, there are many commonalities among various Islamic denominations including a single God, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), and Quran, which should be taken as a firm basis for unity in the Muslim world.

Muslim nations are fully aware that what goals are pursued by those who try to sow discord among them. The foes of Islam that consider spread of this religion as a threat to their interests, spare no effort to weaken it and are trying to divide Muslims by every means, so as to meet their own goals.

Islamic Iran, which has already hosted 20 editions of the Islamic Unity Conference attended each year by a great number of Muslim scholars from across the Islamic world, is a vanguard in the field of promoting unity among Muslims and has taken effective practical steps in this regard.

After proclamation of the “Unity Week” by the Islamic Republic of Iran, the country decided to arrange the unity conference. Up to 1990, the Islamic Propagation Organization was in charge of organizing the affair and held the first through the fourth conferences. From 1990 and concurrent with the establishment of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, the forum took charge of the conference.

The main goal of the unity conference is to prepare the way for solidarity and unity among Muslim nations through sympathy of Muslim ulema in order to bring the viewpoints of various Muslim scholars close together in various jurisprudential and theosophical fields, interpretation of Quran and help Muslims find reasonable solutions to the common problems facing them.

Promoting the spirit of proximity among Muslim ulema, reviewing major issues of the Islamic ummah and forthcoming challenges, proposing solutions for how to cope with those challenges as well as issuing guidelines to other Islamic conferences and forums, and fostering understanding among Muslims have been among prominent achievements of the conference over the past 20 years.

Fortunately, under the present global circumstances, when spiritual values are fading in many European countries, immoralities are rife, and life has become so unpleasant, increasing attention has been paid to Islam in those countries due to its emphasis on moral values and the deep impact it has on personal, social, and family relations.

The attention paid to Islam is high profile among thinkers, intellectuals, scholars and the young generation. This approach to Islam has created a sensitive atmosphere and concerns about the rising population of Muslims in Europe have led to insults to Islamic values, which further necessitate unity among Muslim nations.

The most important issue is for Muslims to focus and concentrate on their fundamental ideas. Despite differences in national and local cultures, customs and traditions, as well as cultures, all Muslims of the world are common in theoretical fundaments. Therefore, they should take those fundaments as a good ground for unity.

Undoubtedly, geographical dispersion of Muslims cannot and should not be considered an obstacle to unity because their ideological commonalities are so varied that they are enough to make them consolidated. On the other hand, the main factor for solidarity and unity among Muslims is ideological and theoretical commonalties.

While respecting all nations, nationalities and geographical borders, Islam considers all Muslims to be members of a bigger whole which is called the Islamic ummah. Members of that Muslim ummah are linked through their commonalities and feel some kind of proximity despite their apparent dispersion.

Taking into account these undeniable realities, the Islamic Iran has always emphasized on the need for unity among Muslims and has taken positive and effective steps in this regard. One of the most important of those steps has been arranging the Islamic Unity Conference, which has been greatly effective in cementing unity among Muslim thinkers.


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