Islamic Republic's Referral to the UN Security Council

Monday, November 26, 2007

Iran's IAEA envoy says ElBaradei's new report proves that the Islamic Republic's referral to the UN Security Council was illegitimate.

He said that the inappropriate and unfair treatment of some states towards Iran's nuclear activities "seek to derail the IAEA's work and undermine its authority through baseless allegations.”

“They seek to deprive Iran from its legitimate and inalienable right to access civilian nuclear energy. UN Security Council resolutions demanding a stop to Iran's nuclear activities have no legal basis," he added.

“Through confidence-building measures, Iran has had maximum transparency and has closely cooperated with the International Atomic Energy Agency,” the IAEA envoy explained.

"The voluntary suspension of uranium enrichment, observance of the additional protocol for two and a half years, granting full inspection rights to agency experts, as well as the proposal by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calling for uranium enrichment cooperation, well demonstrated that Iran is fully committed to cooperation and transparency in its activities, Soltanieh added.

He also stated that sanctions against Iran would make the nation limit its cooperation with the UN nuclear watchdog if a new UN Security Council resolution is passed against the country.

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