Iranians Shine At British Invention Show

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Active ImageIranian inventors grabbed 9 gold, 5 silver and 3 bronze medals, as well as special awards in the 10th British Invention Show (BIS).

Held on Oct. 13-16 in London’s Alexandra Palace, the show attracted more than 130 entries from around the world.

Hamid Rezaian, leader of the Iranian team, said Iran submitted 20 entries to the UK’s largest invention and technology exhibition, adding that more than 30 countries took part this year.

“The project named ‘Persian Gulf Marine City’ received special awards for best industrial and environment designs,” he said.

Rezaian further said Iran, France, Sweden, the UK, the US, Germany, Croatia, Russia, South Korea and Malaysia were among the countries that attended the show.
Mohammed Taqi Hashemian is the commissioner of the “Persian Gulf Marine City” project.

As the head of Oriental History and Civilization Research Center, Hashemian plans to build the first Iranian marine city on Kish Island.

Persian Gulf Marine City

Having a unique and unparalleled design, the city is the brainchild of the commissioner and inspired by Iran’s ancient history and culture. More than half of the city is to be built in the blue waters of Persian Gulf.

The city is expected to be the most extensive civil project in the country and would be one of the most beautiful and glorious manmade structures.

Persian Gulf Marine City Project will be built on an area of 405 hectares, of which 256 hectares would be on land and the rest on water.

Since the location of Persian Gulf Marine City is in Persian Gulf waters, the infrastructural phases of this project compared to similar projects in other countries will be costlier and time-consuming.

The furthest reclaimed part of the project is 800 meters away from the coastline with a maximum depth of 3 meters.

In terms of energy, the marine city project will employ the cleanest sources of energy and the project would be self-powered in this regard. For instance, a major part of energy required in the project would be supplied by solar energy.

The power plant of Persian Gulf Marine City will not only supply energy to the project, but would also feed Kish Free Zone.

The project can serve 2 million tourists in a year. Eighteen golf courts and hotels have been planned. International tennis courts, soccer fields, fitness halls, multi-floor swimming pools, walking trails, bicycle runs all around the city, carting and rally training trails are some of the sport activities foreseen in this project.

Source: Iran Daily

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