Iranians Researchers Produce Nano-Organic Fertilizer

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Active ImageIranian researchers have produced the first nano-organic iron-chelated fertilizer in the world, which is also the first such fertilizer for Iran.

Nano fertilizers have unique features like ultra high absorption, increase of 20 percent to 200 percent in production, rise in photosynthesis by 3.5 times and a 70-percent expansion in the leaves’ surface area, Iranian Nanotechnology Initiative Council reported.

“While foreign samples cause an increase of up to 30 percent in photosynthesis, the Iranian nano fertilizers are able to cause a 350-percent increase. Moreover, these nano fertilizers are environmentally sustainable due to their organic base which makes them more suitable than foreign fertilizers that are hormone based,” Mrs. Toweh Saleh, the sales manager of Sodour Ahrar-e-Shargh Company, told INIC.

“Based on agreements between our company and Tehran’s Municipality, the Parks and Green Space Organization are obliged to replace current fertilizers with nano fertilizers. This will increase green spaces and oxygen volume to a significant extent,” she added.

Saleh expressed hope that as information about nanotechnology-based domestic products spreads, more Iranian farmers would use nano fertilizers.

Source: Iranian Nanotechnology Initiative Council

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