Iranians Researchers Make Nano-Based Glasses

Monday, November 16, 2009

Active ImageResearchers of Khajeh Nassireddin Tousi University succeeded in designing and manufacturing smart glasses based on nanotechnology.

Announcing the above, Houshang Sharifi, the head of laboratory at the university’s Nanoelectronic Research Center said that the color and clarity of smart glass can be changed for controlling light intensity and reducing energy losses.

The specification of the transformer reduces the amount of ultraviolet light entering the room, which affect skin as well as room furniture.

The transparent glass can become fully opaque.

“In order to use solar energy and implement new ideas on architecture, glass is used in large areas of building surfaces. Then windows are important for controlling light and energy entering the room. As a result, we have problems preserving the environmental warmness and coldness, saving energy and providing a suitable amount of light,” he said.

Sharifi said the smart glass will overcome such problems.

The researchers also succeeded in making another kind of smart glasses with the capability of changing color. These glasses can be used for windows, walls and ceilings of commercial buildings, shops, hospitals, cars and greenhouses.

The research center started its activity in 2006 with the aim of promoting and developing nanotechnology and commercializing the results of researches.

Other activities of the center include the production of the first organic displays as well as the design and manufacture of nano-sensors.

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