Iranians’ Achievements in China and UK

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Active Image*The Tehran Vocal Ensemble Iran has won additional medals at the World Choir Games 2010 in China.

Conducted by Milad Omranlu, the ensemble won a silver medal in the Folklore Section and a bronze medal in the Mixed Chamber Choirs section.

The ensemble performed folk music from Gilan, Kordestan and Fars provinces and some chamber choir pieces during the competition.

The ensemble won a Golden Diploma at Italy’s 8th International Choir Competition and Festival of Jazz, Gospel, Pop, Secular and Sacred Music in 2009.

It also won a gold medal in the Mixed Choir Category of the 11th International Folksong Choir Festival and two medals at the 2nd Asian Choir Games that took place in South Korea in 2009.

Billed as the world’s biggest choir competition, the World Choir Games are being held from July 15 to 26 in Shanghai.

Active Image*The Iranian film “Mirror and Water” won the Best Short Film Award of the 3rd Wimbledon Shorts, a London short film festival that took place in England on July 10 and 11.

The film, directed by Kurdish filmmaker Bijan Zamanpira, is about an itinerant, rural showman that makes a good living from people who want to look at themselves in his mirror. Everything goes well until a rival, with better technology, forces him to “reflect” on his future.

Zamanpira’s credits also include “A Window Facing the Sun”, “The White Gold”, “A Hand Has Been Born”, and “Let’s Not Disturb the Water”.

British filmmaker Naren Wilks for “Collid - o – scope” and French director Stefan Le Lay for “La Carte” shared the Audience Award of the Wimbledon Shorts.

In addition, “Telefone”, directed by U.S. director Jeffery Bliss, won the Marcus Beale Student Filmmaker Award of the festival while Spanish director Juan de Dios Marfil received the Best Animated Film Award for his “Homeland”.

The Wimbledon Shorts, which is dedicated to showcasing new and innovative work in film and video from around the world, is held annually by the Wimbledon Film Club.

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