Iranian Surgeons Succeed to Treat Eye Tumors

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Active ImageIranians have succeeded to treat eye tumors using radioactive plaques, overcoming the need for sending such patients to foreign countries for eye surgeries.

According to Seyyed Mehdi Modaresszadeh, the head of the eye Research Center affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences, placing a radioactive plaque on the eye tumor can destroy the cancerous tissue in a certain time.

"These plaques were previously imported through a time consuming process," Modaresszadeh said, adding that any delay in providing these pricey plaques would lead to eye evacuation, a condition which is more serious in children.

He went on to say that using the new plaques would reduce the cost of such surgeries by one fiftieth. "Such patients would not need to travel to foreign countries for eye surgeries in the near future," Modaresszadeh added.

Childhood eye tumors account for a large number of eye cancers; they are treatable in case they are operated on time.

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