Iranian Student Wins Silver for Smart First Aid Kit

Saturday, May 31, 2008

A student of the Islamic Azad University has invented a smart first aid kit for cars.

Mehdi Rashidi Jahan, student of computer engineering of the Islamic Azad University, has registered his invention as “smart first aid kit for cars”.

The kit has been designed as a handbag measuring 42 cm by 52 cm and 12 cm in height and can be used for medical purposes. It is most usable for ambulances and fire engines.

The Iranian inventor has noted that the kit can be carried by mountain climbers or even vehicles involved in combat operations.

The handbag spreads out like a stretcher and contains needed first aid material including IV fluids. It can determine the extent of damage and has special capabilities. The kit is made of 3-D composite material and is resistant to fire.

“Smart first aid kit for cars” was introduced at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2008 and brought the inventor silver medal among 40 participating countries.

It will also be presented as exemplary student plan at an exhibition of military medical inventions to be held by General Health Department of Islamic Revolution Guards Corps in Tehran in late May.

Rashidi Jahan had already invented a “smart button” and is also working on another project called “diving suit without oxygen tank”. The suit needs no oxygen because it is equipped with artificial gills, which enable divers to breathe underwater. It also produced ultrasound waves, which head off sharks and protect divers against powerful underwater waves.

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