Iranian Student Produces NITI-AI209 Nanocomposite

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ms. Tayyebeh Mousavi, student of metallurgy at Isfahan University of Technology has produced a nanocomposite for the first time in the world.

The Iranian student has produced a variety of nanocomposite which has memory and due to compatibility with human chemistry and super-elasticity, has many applications in medical industries, production of sensitive military and electronic parts like micro-switches, car thermostats, and locking rivets.

Other properties of NITI-AI209, which has been produced for the first time in the world by Tayyebeh Mousavi, include increased hardenability, more rapid atomic penetration, reduced density, reduced elastic module, higher electronic resistance, increased special heat, higher expansion index, and lower heat conductance.

It should be noted that, thus far, three ISI papers, one scientific – research paper, three papers in international conferences and four papers in domestic conferences have been presented on the new products and four domestic patents have been registered.

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