Iranian Scientists Produce Droplets for Asthma, Bronchitis Control

Friday, April 4, 2008

Iranian pulmonologist Dr. Hamid Rouhi Boroujeni has been able to produce and market two droplets for asthma and bronchitis using herbals.

Boroujeni, who carried out the research along with an Iranian pharmacologist, Dr. Hojjatollah Rouhi Boroujeni, told that he had been working on Althea Official and Zinger (Zingeber) droplets for asthma and bronchitis control for a long time.

He said the method of using the althea and ginger herbals in the painful asthma and bronchitis chronic diseases had been published in well-credited medical journals of Asia last year.

He added that dosages of the medicine had worked well for the patients suffering asthma and bronchitis and they received relative recovery after their application in a definite period of time.

He noted that failure to treat asthma and bronchitis timely is feared to result in respiratory mall-function, breathing disruption and eventually death.

On advantages of his medicine, Boroujeni said it is especially good for the patients who suffer blood pressure.

"Some people contracting bronchitis and respiratory infections come across with difficulty in consuming medicine due to their blood pressure; using the two droplets will not have any impact on the asthma and bronchitis patients' blood pressure. Bronchitis is a sort of disease which can neither be cured by offering full dosage of antibiotics nor stopped by antibiotics administration," he announced.

He said bronchitis is a kind of disease customary in different seasons of the year. "The bronchitis and asthma patients suffer respiratory infections and have breathing problems," he added.

Meanwhile, Charmahal-Bakhtiari University of Medical Sciences' Deputy Chancellor of Research Affairs Dr. Hassan Youssefi said the research project on the medicinal herbals of ginger and althea was conducted in Shahrekord.

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