Iranian Scientists 2009 Innovators of MIT

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Active ImageTwo Iranian scientists are among the under 35 innovators of 2009 chosen by the MIT published Technology Review.

According to Technology ReviewShahram Izadi (33) and Ali Javey (29) are selected for their innovations believed to be able to change the world.

Microsoft researcher, Shahram Izadi, has improved Microsoft's already impressive touch table, Surface, to present information in a completely new way.

The intuitive 3-D interface known as SecondLight is believed to help individuals manage layers of data through adding another physical layer in a second hidden image above the first one.

The assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the University of California, Ali Javey, was elected for “painting” nanowires into high-quality electronic circuits.

Javey has so far used the technique to print transistors based on germanium, silicon, and indium arsenide nanowires as well as arrays of light-sensing cadmium selenide nanowires.

Active ImageMIT magazine has also selected Kevin Fu (33), a software engineer and assistant professor of computer science, as innovator of the year because of his invaluable research in innovating hacker-protected radio frequency chips for objects ranging from credit cards to pacemakers.

José Gomez-Marquez (32) was also honored as the Humanitarian of the Year due to the invention of practical medical devices for impoverished countries.

Among the inventors on the list is Jeffrey Bigham (28) from the University of Rochester, who has created a free screen reader that can be used with practically any Web browser on any operating system to help the blind navigate the Web.

Since 1999, the editors of Technology Review have been honoring young innovators, all under the age of 35, whose inventions and research in different fields of medicine, computing, communications, electronics, and nanotechnology has changed the world.

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