Iranian Scientist Named ISI Scientist

Monday, May 26, 2008

An associate professor of Kashan University has been named an Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) scientist in two fields of chemistry and engineering.  

According to ISI website, Massoud Salavati-Niyasar has acquired this status in view of his frequent enlistment in scientific and research references.

A while ago, he was named Iran’s young international scientist.

Salavati-Niyasar is on the verge of earning the title of professorship in inorganic chemistry. Some 130 scientific and research papers of Salavati-Niyasar have been printed in the most reputable international publications.

The young scientist is the number one man of the world in the field of Zoelite Encapsulation, ranked fourth in the arena of nanocomposite research and third in the field of “selective electrode ion” research.

He also ranked second in the nationwide Nano Technology Festival in March.

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