Iranian Robot, Champion of Germany’s Int’l RoboCup Competitions

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The mars navigating robot of the Teachers Training University of Tehran stood first at the International RoboCup Contests of Germany in mechanic designing.

Head of the RoboCup team of the Teachers Training University of Tehran, Ataollah Almasi said 457 teams took part in the competitions held at Heidelberg industrial university, in Stuttgart.

The Iranian team won the championship while most teams had more than 15 members and Iran’s was a two-man team. This made the organizers of the contest to praise the team.

The physics student of the Teachers Training University added that the victory was gained with the cooperation of the other member of the team, a computers student of the university, Mohammad Valipour.

The robot was designed and manufactured in five months with a cost of about 20 million rials, which was financed by the university.

He said each robot should have to pick up three pieces and transfer them to a specific place.

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