Iranian Researchers Produce Herbal Drug for Diabetic Foot

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Herbal drug for diabetic foot ulcer has been produced by researchers at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, it was revealed on February 3.

The most important reason for cutting a limb in elderly with diabetes is diabetic foot ulcer and the new drug is expected to reduce chances of a lost limb.

The new medication has been produced by researchers from Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

Iranian researchers at Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Center which is affiliated with Tehran University of Medical Sciences had started a drive to find a herbal treatment for diabetic foot wounds, which is proven effective and will greatly enhance quality of life with these patients.

The researchers of the center are trying the drug on patients who need high doses of insulin in order to keep their blood sugar within normal range.

In animal tests, the drug has had no adverse effects of DNA and its use has not been followed with genetic toxicity.

The medicine has been studied for human use and various forms of it which can be used locally, eaten or injected have been examined. In view of the studies that have been carried out thus far, there has been great improvement in treatment of diabetic foot ulcer with the use of the medication.

According to statistics revealed by the World Health Organization, the number of diabetic patients across the world will increase from the current figure of 170 million to 300 million by 2025 with countries like Iran, Pakistan and China being especially apt to have a great number of diabetics.

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