Iranian Researchers Invent Wound Healing Dressing

Monday, August 4, 2008

Iranian researchers have used silver nanotechnology and biopolymers to produce a new form of wound dressing which can prevent hemorrhage even in diabetic or hemophiliac patients.

Dr. Soheila Salahshour Kordestani, project manager, has noted that “hemostasis” dressing which stops bleeding using silver nanoparticles and biopolymers can also prevent bleeding in wounds resulting from surgery, accidents, burns, bed sores, vascular and diabetic wounds, contusions, and lacerations.

Calling the method “wet treatment”, she noted that there are few products which are useful to stop pulsating arterial bleeding and the new dressing will not only stop arterial bleeding, but will also shorten treatment period and prevent scar formation after the wound is healed.

The doctor pointed out that the new dressing is beneficial to patients with high blood pressure and hemophilia as well as patients undergoing dialysis.

Kordestani emphasized that biopolymers like cellulose, algae as well as shell of sea creatures are used to make the new dressing and added that the product has not been reported to cause allergic reactions in different tests.

The project manager noted that the dressing also has antibacterial properties and reduces period of hospitalization.

“The product has been registered under five patents in France, England, Germany, Ireland, and Denmark,” he said.

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