Iranian Researcher Wins WPC Award

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A research project for using solar dew to treat industrial and refinery wastewater, which was presented by an Iranian researcher, has won a special award from the World Petroleum Congress in Madrid, Spain.

The project, which entails use of solar dew to treat industrial and refinery wastewater, will do away with water shortage problem, especially in tropical and warm regions.

Gholamreza Bahmannia, deputy director for operations at Sarkhoun Refinery of Qeshm Island and manager of the project, has noted that the project will pave the way for treatment of a large part of refinery wastewater to be reused for irrigation.

Out of the projects which have been proposed by various countries, the 19th World Petroleum Congress chose and introduced the research plan for using solar dew to treat industrial and refinery wastewater as the best plan for improving environmental conditions at refineries and around industrial plants and gave its special award to Gholamreza Bahmannia.

The 19th World Petroleum Congress was attended by officials and high ranking experts from about 60 oil producer and consumer countries in Madrid and only four researchers who had presented research projects were given special award of the event.

Asked about specifications of the project, Bahmannia noted that the project does not use fossil fuels and uses clean solar energy, especially in warm regions, in order to supply part of needed water to those areas through recycling industrial wastewater.

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