Iranian Researcher Proves Viruses as Culprits in Lung Cancer

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Studies carried out by an Iranian researcher at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, United States, have proven the role of viruses in enhancing chances of lung cancer.

Dr. Arash Rezazadeh has found out that ordinary viruses like human papillomavirus (HPV) as well as measles virus are potentially capable of enhancing changes that would lead to lung cancer.

He has pointed out that in addition to primary role of smoking in paving the way for cancer, other factors should be taken into consideration because they can play key roles in causing this kind of cancer.

Dr. Rezazadeh and his colleagues have studied 23 laboratory samples of lung cancer patients and have found human papillomavirus in six samples.

The virus is also a causative factor in many forms of cervical cancer and in once instance; researchers noted that malignant tumor had spread from the cervix to lungs.

Dr. Rezazadeh has noted that all patients studied have been also smoking.

He said, “We think that human papillomavirus clears the way for malignant transformation of cells and increases the risk of lung cancer in smokers.”

The results of the research have been already published in the first European conference on lung cancer.

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