Iranian Researcher Manufactures Intelligent Wheelchair

Saturday, May 10, 2008

An Iranian inventor has manufactured an intelligent wheelchair for the disabled persons who have lost control of their hands and feet. The invention has been presented at the Malaysian national festival of intellectual innovations.

The invention has been presented by Professor Mahmoud Moghavvemi and his research team and has attracted a lot of attention at the Malaysian event.

Moghavvemi, who is professor of power and electronics at Faculty of Engineering of University of Malaysia, has noted that the wheelchair, which has been produced by applied electronic research center of the university, is fully automated and works when it receives voice commands.

The Iranian researcher has noted that the idea for building the wheelchair was inspired by the Iranian film, “On the Wings of Angels” which shows a war veteran, who has lost control of his limbs.

“The intelligent wheelchair has been made for those disabled persons who are not able to do anything and can only give voice commands to the wheelchair and control it through their voice,” he said.

Moghavvemi added that it had taken two years of his team to complete the wheelchair and expressed hope that it would be presented at the Malaysian industrial products fair next month.

The wheelchair works on a 12-volt rechargeable battery and only 20 percent of its power is needed to help disabled persons through their ordinary chores.

He said that the wheelchair is capable of start moving through receiving mental waves of the disabled person. It can carry 300 kg and can speed up to 40 km/h.

Moghavvemi humbly noted that if the wheelchair helped only 10 disabled persons in Iran, he would have been rewarded for his invention.

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