Iranian Researcher Develops Bionic Lens

Monday, January 28, 2008

A research team headed by an Iranian researcher has managed, for the first time in the world, to develop a special lens which may make the special visual power of Terminator a reality.

The research group headed by Babak Parviz has presented the results of its studies during a meeting sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. They announced that, for the first time, they have produced special lenses which are similar to an electrical microchip.

The biological lens, which can zoom in on objects that are far away, will also project information about the object or the person that is being seen for the person using it or it can gather information through a computer or the Internet.

The prototype device contains an electric circuit as well as red light-emitting diodes for display, though it does not yet light up. The lenses were tested on rabbits for up to 20 minutes and the animals showed no adverse effects.

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