Iranian Professor Wins Blundell Award

Monday, April 21, 2008

Professor Farhad Rashidi Haeri, chairman of “electromagnetic compatibility” research department of Lausanne Polytechnic University in Switzerland has been awarded the Blundell Prize by the French Society of Electrical Engineering, Electronic, and Information Technology.

Professor Rashidi has won the prize for his extensive research on the electromagnetic effects of lightening and presenting models and software for analyzing those effects. His studies have been effective in reducing destructive effects of lightening on electronic and electrical systems, especially on power transmission lines.

Blundell Award is a creditable international award in electricity and electronics and had been already given to Professor Rocard, the physics Nobel Prize laureate of 1970.

Professor Rashidi has also won a prize from IEEE society of technical achievements in 2005.

Son of the renowned Iranian actor and theatrical performer, Davoud Rashidi, Professor Rashidi was born in 1962 in Geneva. Back in Iran, he spent his primary and secondary studies in the country before moving to Switzerland. He has obtained a diploma in engineering as well as doctorate and postdoctoral degrees from Lausanne Polytechnic University. He has also spent a one-year course in electromagnetic effects of lightening in the University of Florida and NASA research center before studying at University of Toronto for one year.

Professor Rashidi has noted that his group is going on with research activities in cooperation with various foreign groups in Europe, the United States, and Canada and has also been working with a research group from Iran University of Science and Technology’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

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