Iranian Professor Uses Robot to Operate on Heart Valves

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A robotic operation on cardiac vessels and valves (without opening the chest) has been carried out for the first time by an Iranian professor of Germany’s Lubeck University at Iranshahr Hospital.

Professor Mehrdad Mahmoudi, Iranian professor of heart surgery at Germany’s Lubeck University conducted the operation at Iranshahr Hospital on July 9.

The technology has helped Iran to stand among few countries which are capable of conducting advanced robotic heart operations.

Before that, robots were used in open heart surgeries, but Dr. Mahmoudi is now doing that through endoscopy.

This form of robotic heart surgery will depend on the patients’ age and the type of cardiac disease as well as the need to surgery.

The robot, which is used for this purpose can relay 3-D pictures to surgeons and help them operate on cardiac valves and vessels.

Robots have been already used in heart surgeries across the world examples of which include the first heart surgery in Italy by a robot, manufacture of modern surgery tools by Iranian researchers which are flexible and whose size can be adapted to conditions of patients’ hearts, as well as production of a special robot, which carried medicines and surgery tools to the heart.

Also, robotic arms are now used across the world to perform the most complicated heart surgeries.

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