Iranian Professor Invents Broadband Data Transfer Method

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

An Iranian professor at Pennsylvania State University has managed for the first time in the world to transfer data along copper wires at an amazing speed of 100 GB / second. This is the highest possible speed for data transfer over computer networks.

Major European and American companies have been implementing complicated tests for many years to design high-speed Internet systems called broadband in which data will be transferred through high-voltage power lines which can be found in all cities and villages. One of the main limitations for this system is that when power lines ramify, quality of transfer falls due to reflection of Internet pulses.

However, the monthly scientific magazine, Scientific American, recently reported that a research team at the Pennsylvania State University, headed by Professor Mohsen Kavehrad has announced in a conference on telecommunications and commercial networks sponsored by electrical and electronic engineers in the United States that they have found a solution for this problem.

Kavehrad and his aides have used computer simulation to see what would happen if they used transformers and other equipment to synchronize electrical powers and what would be its effect on transfer of Internet signals. The test revealed that the method will reduce reflection of Internet signals to a minimum and, as a result, data can be transferred at an amazing speed of 100 GB per second using high-voltage power lines to transfer Internet pulses.

Kavehrad, professor of electrical engineering at Pennsylvania State University, has been born in 1951. He has got a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Tehran Polytechnic University in 1972. He has obtained his master’s degree in electrical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic University, Massachusetts, in 1975 before getting a doctorate in electrical engineering from Brooklyn Polytechnic University in 1977. In March 1989 he started to work as professor at Ottawa University, Canada. He joined the faculty of Pennsylvania State University in 1997.

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