Iranian Professor Elected as Fellow of American Physical Society

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Active ImageFarhad Ardalan, the prominent Iranian physicist specializing in “strings theory” and “particles physics” has been elected as fellow of the American Physical Society.

The American Physical Society has tens of thousands of members across the world which makes it the world’s biggest physical society. The Iranian professor has been chosen as a member for his prominent scientific research and his efforts aimed at promoting international cooperation among Iranian physicists.

Dr. Ardalan is professor of physics at Sharif University of Technology and a founding member of the Institute for Research in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics and has been heading its physics research center for many years.

The citation sent to Dr. Ardalan by the American Physical Society reads as follows: “For pioneering work in applications of non-commutative geometry in string theory and gauge theories, and for promoting the participation of Iranian scientists in CERN and Middle-East programs.”

Farhad Ardalan is a graduate of the American universities of Pennsylvania and Columbia and during many years of work in Iran, he has not only contributed to founding Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (former Institute for Research in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics), but has also played a great role at international level to promote education of physics, especially theory of strings.

During the annual meeting of the American Physical Society, which is scheduled to be held in Oregon in March 2010, the relevant certificate of fellowship will be given to Dr. Ardalan.

A maximum of 5 percent of members of the American Physical Society who are recognized for their high scientific status are accepted as fellow members.

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