Iranian Physician Invents Supplementary Heart

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Patients suffering from weak hearts, who are resistant to drug therapy or have problems for heart transplant, will be able to use a supplementary heart.

This was announced by secretary of the 10th national congress of cardiovascular diseases who broke the news of the invention by an Iranian physician.

Dr. Mohammad Reza Mohammad Hassani noted that he has been informed by Dr. Mahmoud Mir-Hosseini, Iranian heart surgeon and prominent researcher, that the invention has been registered in the United States.

The physician added that the new machine can help patients with cardiac insufficiency that are resistant to medications and cannot undergo heart transplant to lead nearly normal lives.

Dr. Mohammad Hassani said the main advantage of the new device was that it had no direct contact with patient’s blood and the battery could be charged outside the body using radio frequencies.

Secretary of the 10th national congress of cardiovascular diseases also noted that if the device were mass produced, it would cost as much as an ordinary heart surgery to plant it.

He stated that the device has thus far been successfully tested on animal model and more investment is needed for human studies.

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