Iranian Musician Wins Top U.S. Music Award

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Active Image“From Stone To Diamond”, the latest album by the Iranian musician Hossein Behrouzinia, recently won second prize in the Middle Eastern Album category at the Just Plain Folks Music Awards (JPF).

Hossein Behrouzinia is one of the most renowned figures of Iran's traditional music, whose work was described by the L.A. Times as "spectacular musicianship."

47-year-old Tar and oud virtuoso Behrouzinia is one of the students of renowned Iranian maestro Mohammadreza Lotfi.

He has collaborated with numerous musicians including Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Shahram Nazeri. He was honored the 'First Order of Arts' by Iran's Ministry of Culture in 2003.

The Just Plain Folks Music Organization has held a large-scale, non-profit music awards program in the general categories of the Founder's Awards, Song Awards, Album Awards, Video Awards, and Lyric Awards since 2000.

The Song and Album Awards are handed out in 70 genres from Rock, Pop, and R&B, to less mainstream genres like Salsa, Surf, and Industrial.

Sponsored by CD Baby, Discmakers, Ourstage and TAXI music companies, the 2009 JPF awards presented over 560,000 songs and 42,000 albums from more than 160 countries.

The JPF was founded by U.S. entrepreneur Brian Austin Whitney in 1999.

“I want to connect with one motivated musician, writer from every country on planet Earth… I want to get to know you as a fellow human, and then I want to learn about what makes you and your country unique,” Whitney says in JPF website.

The winners of the event are chosen by industry professionals, artists and fans.

This year’s winners were announced in late August.

L.A.-based Iranian singer Andy won the JPF first prize in the Middle Eastern Album category for his “City of Angels” while Indonesia’s Debu received the third award for “All Together”.

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