Iranian Inventor Produces Special Glove for Manuscripts

Saturday, July 19, 2008

For the first time in the world, an Iranian inventor has produced a glove special for studying and turning pages of old manuscripts as well as books and periodicals.

Reza Ahmadi Zamani, a bookkeeper at the library of the Iranian parliament, noted that it was for the first time that such a glove was produced in Iran and the world.

The inventor added that bookkeepers used disposable or fabric gloves before the new invention.

Ahmadi Zamani also stated that using this glove, bookkeepers would have no concern about turning pages of written documents without damaging them.

He said written documents are usually full of mites and dust which may harm bookkeepers when they are transmitted to them through their hands and mouths.

Ahmadi Zamani stated that the gloves are made of two layers. The layer in contact with the back of the hand is made of cloth while the layer in contact with the palm is made of plastic. There is another cloth layer beneath the plastic layer, which prevents hands from sweating. The glove also increases the speed of turning book pages.

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