Iranian Inventor Bags ITEX 2008 Gold Medal

Saturday, May 31, 2008

An Iranian inventor from the central Iranian city of Arak has won gold medal of Malaysian international competition of inventions and innovations, which is known as ITEX 2008.

Mojtaba Mashayekhi has invented a machine which produces electrical energy from water dispensers used at homes and public places. His invention won the gold medal of the energy section of the competitions. Some 150 inventions from 30 countries had been presented at that section.

The Iranian inventor noted that when the machine is attached to water dispensers at home, it will produce 100 watts of 220-volt electrical power.

Mashayekhi stated that the machine can save energy for three hours.

The inventor noted that some 450 inventions and plans had taken part in the fields of energy, aerospace, electrical power, medicine, and foodstuff.

The competitions were held from May 6-14. Inventors from the United States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Switzerland, Malaysia, Poland and Hong Kong were present in the contests.

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