Iranian Inventor Adds Voice to Books

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

An Iranian inventor has created the first talking ebook and electronic teacher, introducing human voice to the world of books for the first time.

Ramin Sedighi Charsotoun, says, “This is an electronic system which can be considered a small portable computer. It utilizes a stylus that can be moved across words and then pronounce them out loud. The system can also “explain” pictures. Therefore, it is a good aid in teaching foreign languages and holy Quran, especially to children and young adults.”

The Iranian inventor stated that in addition to reading various texts, the system can be used to prepare children for exams and dictation and boost their hearing skills. “They can repeat sounds, change the reading speed and choose book title as well as the page they want to be read.”

Sedighi noted that his invention has made it possible to convert any book to a talking ebook, adding, “To convert written pages to talking ones, first the page is scanned and turned into a file through special educational software. After adding sound, the file in entered into the system to be used by the user.”

Sedighi noted that major audience of the book is children between 4-16 years old.
“Of course, the book can be also used by older and younger persons and there are plans to use it for educating older age groups (like farmers) as well as the blind (reading Braille books),” he said.

The device includes a USB port, audio out, a stylus, 512 MB of memory to save 15 books, and an SD card slot, which can save up to 60 books. It works both on battery and electricity. The laptop-sized unit will be available sometime in early 2008.

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