Iranian Innovator Designs First Laptop for Blinds

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A new laptop designed by an Iranian innovator will enable people with visual impairment to work with computer using their sense of touch and voice.

Nazanin Oveisi, who has designed the laptop, noted that the new computer, which is sensitive to touch and voice can meet all informatics needs of a blind operator for input and output of information.

She added that software used for the laptop can be developed quite easily.

Oveisi stated that the laptop is equipped with a tablet; a smart pen and LCD monitor which is sensitive to touch. The smart mouse is used instead of mouse and the operator can read information on the screen by drawing the pen across the monitor. The operator can enter information into the laptop through touch and sound.

She further stated that when a blind person starts education, he/she uses a tablet and a pen first. Therefore, the same tools have been used here to make it easy for visually impaired people to use the computer and install needed software.

Oveisi said that major points that were taken into consideration when designing the laptop included ease of use, no need to extensive computer knowledge and taking advantage of modern technology.

The portable computer designed by Oveisi has been registered in the Registry of Inventions and Industrial Property of Iran and has also won a Diploma of Honor and Silver Medal from inventions exhibition of Geneva.

Nazanin Oveisi had already announced that her computer has been registered in the United States.

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