Iranian Garden on the Roof of Oxford

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Two Iranian gardens are to be launched at University of Oxford in England. The gardens will be built at University of Oxford’s Center for Islamic Studies under supervision of Iran's Historical Sites & Research Center.

The gardens are symbols of the Iranian identity.

One of the gardens is to be built on the roof of the center which overlooks the historical Oxford city and the other one will be built opposite of the main building through a combination of Persian architecture, arboriculture, ornamental floriculture and waterscapes.

The gardens have been designed by experts of Iran's Historical Sites & Research Center and private contractors are to implement the project.

Head of Iran's Historical Sites & Research Center has noted that the gardens will be built according to elements of the Iranian architecture using decorative flora and waterscapes as is common in the Iranian culture. He noted that local flora of Iran will also be used for the purpose.

The Iranian garden is a beautiful specter and Iranians have paid attention to building beautiful gardens since a long time ago and have spent a lot of time to design them. Many historians have cited Iranians as the first nation which has designed and built exquisite gardens. Ibn Balkhi has noted in his book, Farsnameh, that Manouchehr, the son of Mitkhoria who was the seventh Pishdadi king, was the first person who built gardens in the world.

Iranian gardens are very artfully designed according to principles of Persian architecture. They are the result of centuries of experiences gained by the Iranian people under various climatic conditions. The Iranian gardens were in vogue until the middle of Qajar rule when modernity and Westernization swept the country and this ancient Iranian art was threatened with total negligence.

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