Iranian Female Inventors on Top of the World

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Iranian women inventors have stood on top of international competitions among female inventors of the world.

During the competitions, which were held in Seoul, South Korea and were attended by 400 inventors from 25 countries, the Iranian team reaped 12 gold medals in addition to 5 silvers and six bronzes to rank the first.

The Iranian team with 20 inventors in the first competition of women inventors of the world was the biggest team of the event.

During the competitions, Mehrnaz Golchin-Fard, the Iranian inventor of power generation equipment for Third World countries was announced the winner in her field.

Another Iranian inventor, Sonia Saberi, ranked first for her nano-composite invention and won a special prize from World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a specialized agency of the United Nations.

Also, Maryam Esmaeili had invented an instrument to reduce muscular pain after bone surgery and was announced as number one in her field, thus capturing special award of International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA). The award was given to her by secretary-general of the federation.

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