Iranian Explorer Successfully Sends Information to Earth

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The International Herald Tribune has announced that the rocket launched recently by Iran has carried the first Iranian explorer into space which is successfully feeding information back to Earth.

The paper added that the explorer is sending information after being positioned at an altitude of 250 km above the ground.

The Herald Tribune wrote that Iran will launch its first research satellite, called Omid (Hope), by March 2009 which will orbit around the earth at an altitude of 650 km and will cross Iran’s sky 5-6 times every 24 hours.

The paper added that Tehran unveiled its satellite earlier this month and its first space center was inaugurated upon the launch of the explorer.

The newspaper also wrote that Iran hopes to launch four more satellites by 2010.

The report concluded by saying that the Iranian government was bent on increasing conventional and mobile phone numbers from 22 million to 80 million and is also planning to boost its satellite capabilities in order to increase the number of internet users from 5.5 million to 35 million.

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