Iranian Experts Develop A Two-Seat Electric Car

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Active ImageIranian experts have developed a two-seat plug-in car, which has the necessary standards to be mass-produced for use in urban areas.

A fourteen-member group of students in Tehran's Khaje Nasir Toosi University, who have developed the new car, initially planned to manufacture the car to participate in a competition at Sharif University but they later decided to design it in a way that could be used in cities' streets.

The car named Qasedak-e-Nasir (Dandelion of Nasir) will be unveiled in a ceremony in Tehran.

The car weighs 700 kg and it could reach a velocity of 80 kph, which is acceptable for an urban vehicle.

"Once Qasedak-e-Nasir is charged, it could cover a 50 km distance in a city and if its speed does not surpass 25 kph, the distance could increase to 80 km," Asghar-Mohammadi, a member of the team said.

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