Iranian Engineer Wins First Prize for “Future Projects”

Saturday, May 24, 2008

South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) has announced that the first prize of the sixth edition of Annual Architectural Review Future Project in the field of sustainable architecture has been won by and Iranian female engineer for designing a village in a mountainous region of Iran which would be so attractive as to prevent villagers from migrating to big cities.

The village has facilities which can attract tourists, ecotourists as well as archeologists.

Mr. James E Brathwaite, director general of SEEDA first welcomed Somayeh Rokhgireh, the Iranian engineer who has won the prize, before noting that SEEDA pursues sustainability in all its programs because high-quality spaces are true assets for promoting economic development and public welfare. He noted that quality of environment and quality of life are important factors for attracting investment and skilled manpower to any region.

“We believe that sustainable development should be sought through a dynamic and productive economic system, which will be able to create jobs and establish a sustainable society. I am very happy to announce the rural project designed by Somayeh Rokhgireh, which is based on principles of sustainability and ecotourism, as the winner of this award,” he said.

International awards aim to encourage and promote standards considered for designing buildings. Ms. Somayeh Rokhgireh was announced the winner of the award on March 12, 2008. The jury has confirmed that the project of self-sufficient village in Alamoot, Qazvin province, is based on principles that will promote economic growth of the region through encouraging ecotourism.

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