Iranian Doctor Uses Iris to Recognize Identity

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A new system which helps to recognize people’s identity through their iris has been designed and invented by an Iranian researcher for the first time in the Middle East.

Director of Multimedia Systems Department of Information Technology Research Center, which is affiliated with Iran Telecommunications Research Institute, broke out the news recently.

According to Dr. Shahram Moein, biometric systems are able to recognize people’s identities by studying their faces, fingerprints, irises, eyes, DNAs and other personal markers.

He added, “Accuracy of systems which use irises is ten times higher than those which use fingerprints because every person’s iris contains unique information which cannot be shared by another person’s iris.”

The researcher stated that camera was the most important part of the new system which uses iris to identify people, stating that the camera will focus infrared rays on the iris and the reflection passes through special lenses on the camera before being processed by the equipment which is in charge of identifying people.

Moein stated that, at present, the system is used to increase security in computers. That is, when people are registered a graph of their irises is taken which is then used as their password when they try to access the computer. In fact, the person uses the pattern of her/his iris to get access to protected areas.

The researcher who is a faculty member of Telecommunication Research Institute also stated that the new system would be useful to control immigration, to check personnel at state-run and private centers and also to control passengers checking in or out of the airports.

“The chances of deception are very low, so that, if the person is wearing a lens, the system will emit warning signs and stop the procedure,” he noted.

Director of Multimedia Systems Department of Information Technology Research Center also noted that when a person is fixed at a distance of 10-40 cm from the camera, imaging will be done in the shortest possible time.

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