Iranian Book Selected as Reference

Monday, March 8, 2010

Active ImageThe book “The Holy Qur’an and Sciences of Nature” written by Mehdi Golshani was selected as one of the reference books by the International Society for Science and Religion, which has its secretariat in Saint Edmund’s College of Cambridge University.

The book was picked up from among 2,000 books proposed for the purpose by more than 100 specialists of the association and other distinguished experts in the fields of history, philosophy and science.

“The Holy Qur’an and Sciences of Nature”, which was published in English by Binghamton and Brigham Young Universities in 1997, has so far been rendered into the Arabic, Swahili, Indonesian, Thai and Albanian languages.

A faculty member at Sharif University of Technology and founder of the Philosophy of Science Department, Golshani was honored as an exemplary professor in 1992.

Golshani, 71, was born in Isfahan. He is a contemporary Iranian theoretical physicist and philosopher, and professor of physics at Sharif University of Technology. He received his PhD in physics with a specialization in particle physics in 1969 from the University of California, Berkeley. The title of his doctoral dissertation is “Electron impact excitation of heavily ionized atoms”.

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