Iranian Artists Awarded at 14th Salon Mercosur International

Monday, September 21, 2009

Active ImageIranian artists have been awarded at the 14th edition of the Salon Mercosur International Diogenes Taborda festival held in Argentina.

Behzad Ghafarizadeh received the 1st Mention of the festival's Color Graphic Humor category and Shahin Houshmand was granted the 1st Mention of the event's Illustration category.

Iran's Ali Kazim won the 3rd Prize of the festival's Caricature section and the 3rd Mention of the event's Monochrome Graphic Humor category.

Iran's Mohammad-Saleh Razm-Hosseini and Ali Khalaji participated in the event as a guest of honor along with artists from Ukraine, Turkey, China, Italy, Russia, Belgium, Argentina and Spain.

The Diogenes Taborda 2009 presented artworks in the categories of graphic humor, illustration, painting, digital art, popular naive art, drawing, engraving, lithography, mixed media, ink work, sculpture and photography.

This year's Grand Prize went to Argentine artist Lidia Kalibatas.

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