Iranian Theater Director ‍‍Performs Sa’adi Puppet Opera

Monday, April 27, 2015

Compiled By: Firouzeh Mirrazavi
Deputy Editor of Iran Review

Iranian theater director Behrouz Gharibpour has staged his new puppet opera show, which is inspired by the life of the classical Persian poet Sa’adi since April 26th, 2016 in Hafez Hall of Tehran.



The show features 100 puppets, numerous voice actors, and at least 20 distinct roles with the musical theme.



The music has been designed to introduce different countries such as Egypt, India, and China, where the poet had traveled to.



Sa’adi is remembered as a great panegyrist and lyricist, the author of a number of masterly odes portraying human experience, and particular odes collected in Ghazaliyat (Sonnets) and Qasa’id (Odes).



Gharibpour had earlier performed an opera inspired by the life of Persian lyric poet Hafez Shirazi.



Behrouz Gharibpour is considered one of the pioneers of traditional Persian puppet theater, known for his extensive research on Qajar puppetry.



Gharibpour has staged his Qajar style puppet play with Aran Puppet Theater Group in numerous domestic and foreign festivals.



Macbeth, Mowlana, and Ashura as well as Rostam and Sohrab are among his better-known works.



Known for his extensive research on Qajar puppetry, Gharibpour has staged plays in numerous domestic and foreign festivals, including the 11th World Festival of Puppet Art in Prague and the 2008 International Incanti Figure Theater Festival in Italy. 



Behrouz Gharibpour (born 1950) is a renowned Iranian theatre director and pioneer of traditional Persian puppet theatre.



He studied theatre at Tehran University and at Dramatic Arts Academy in Rome (Silvio Damico). He founded Tehran and Esfahan puppet theatre centres and changed the Tehran’s slaughterhouse into the greatest Iran’s Cultural Centre. He has experienced in writing and directorship in fields such as theatre, puppet theatre, cinema, documentary movies, and T.V.  Gharibpour is known for his solid research works on the Iranian puppetry as was commonly practiced during Qajar era. He was the president of the UNIMA.


The world honors Saadi by gracing the entrance to the Hall of Nations in New York with this call for breaking all barriers:

Of one Essence is the human race,
Thusly has Creation put the Base;
One Limb impacted is sufficient,
For all Others to feel the Mace.



Saadi is said to have died in 1290 and his tomb in Shiraz is a shrine. He remains the master of love poetry and one of the greatest poets that Persia has produced.


*Photo Credit: ISNA

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