Iran's Oldest Zoroastrian Temple

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Rey fire temple located in the province of Tehran is 2,000 years old and is regarded as the country's oldest Zoroastrian temple.

Dating back to the Sassanid era, the fire temple is highly revered by Iranian Zoroastrians. It is known as the heart of the ancient city of Rey and has been mentioned in the Avesta (the Zoroastrian scripture) as well as several other ancient Persian texts.

The fire temple is a brick and mortar structure and the main hall has two rows of square-based columns and two elliptical arches and entrances.

It has four vast arches with a height of 20 meters resting on three stands. However, two of the arches have been completely ruined and visitors can now only imagine the beauty of the original designs.

According to Tabari, a prominent Persian historian (838-923 CE), the temple housed the original sacred fire which was sent to other fire-temples.

It was believed that the sacred fire was sent to the earth from the sky and should therefore never be extinguished.

This year the temple attracted the largest number of visitors to date -- between 500 and 800 people visiting daily.

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