Iran's Nuclear Dispute

Monday, December 3, 2007

Iran's ambassador to the IAEA has said a positive atmosphere created following ElBaradei's report can help resolve Iran's nuclear dispute.

"If some fail to respond to this atmosphere and try to upset the ambience, it will result in nothing but distrust," Ali-Asghar Soltanieh said.

"Over the past two months we went even beyond the Additional Protocol and implemented the agenda related to Iran in the Agency. Almost 90% of the issues addressed went beyond our legal obligations," Soltanieh said.

He said Russia, China and the NAM member states, through Tehran's full cooperation with the IAEA, were given a stronger opportunity to prevent continued intensification of the situation and avoid the confrontation which might result from prolongation of the process for investigation of the case in the UN Secrity Council.

"The continuation of the carrot and stick policy and the threatening tone towards Iran would be unconstructive, I can 100% assure you," the envoy added.

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