Iran's First Cloned Goat Born in Isfahan

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Middle East's first and the world's fifth cloned goat, 'Hanna', has been successfully born at Royan institute in Isfahan, Iran.

The cloned goat was developed in the surrogate uterus of a black Bakhtiari goat for 147 days and was born, Wednesday, at 1.30 am through a cesarean section.

She is reported to be in a good health.

Hanna, also known as R-CAP-C1, is completely distinguished from other goats because of its white and henna-like color.

Iran's first cloned lamb, Royana, was born on Sept. 30, 2006 in Royan institute and was able to survive the post-natal complications common in cloned animals.

Iranian researchers are looking to use cloned goats to produce the genetically modified animals required for manufacturing new recombinant medications particularly tPA.

Source: Press TV

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